Learn German-lerne Deutsch

You want to learn German, for business or for travel, but everyone keeps saying, that German is difficult to learn?

That is not true. I developed a program for you, that just takes 5 Minutes a day.

Double your German


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5 Minutes audio data + pictures 29.90€. Easy step-by- step audio data in English and German, that you can listen to in the metro or on your sofa.
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You can contact me and we work on one-to-one online sessions. Access to 5 Minutes Geman. Weekly video call 45 min + Homework.
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You like to learn in Group and to connect to other German learners? Access to 5 Minutes German. Weekly group chat (3-6 People),45 Minutes + homework.
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About me

I am a native German speaker and hold a Master in Education. After teaching German for kids and Grownups for more than 10 years, I now developed a program that makes it easy to learn a new language. We do not bother you with hard grammar, the concept is instead based on learning the language intuitive- like kids do it-.
It all starts with listening .

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In this journey together, I want to support you and meet your interest in learning German.

I want to learn your motivation and I am always curious where you are from and to learn about your country, your culture and your way of living, thinking, and speaking.


Enjoy all the advantages

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