5 Tips to learn German

5 Tips to learn German

Whether you know some German or you are just a beginner, to improve your German it just needs some steps. Our brain is trained to learn, it can not to anything else, it learns all the time. That is why you are getting tired sometimes in another country, it is because your brains, instinctively wants to understand the words and categorize them.

1. Write down motivation

Nothing in Life works without motivation. Ask yourself why you want to learn German? Do you need it for work reasons? Is your spouse German? Are you moving to Germany? Or do you just want to learn some words, for travelling?

2. Listen to German

Since your brain likes to categorize the words, it hears, you need to increase your input  of German to improve your language skills: Listen to audio books in German, listen to German songs or watch some videos.

Step by step listening videos for beginners you find here: www.

3.Categorize the words you know in a list or a mind map

Your brain is like a spider net, categorize the words you already new and always add the new one. Create connections between them. This way the words sink in more deeply.

Categorize in wordforms like: Adjectives: schön [pretty] / gut [good] etc., nouns: die Frau [woman] and verbs: gehen [walk] for example.

You can also create a min-map to a topic you like: Hobbies: der Fußballspieler [the soccer player], das Fußballstadium,[the soccer stadium] Fußball spielen [play soccer], ein Tor schießen [to score a goal]

4. Update your list or your mind-map

Whenever you hear an interesting phrase, or you learnt a new word, add it too your list. Work on your list or on your mind-map. Let your German grow.


5. Built simple sentences from your word list

The more you use the words in a connection, the more you repeat it, the easier is it to memorize them. It is like a path through a Meadow, that is becoming more solid because you walk on it.

Der Fußballspieler schießt ein Tor [the soccer player scores a goal].

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